Cream on my back - hoho!

One of the most sexy questions a girl can ask you at the pool is, if you want to put some cream on her back. And if this question is mentioned to Terry, we all are aware that things will develop pinto another direction. With a very hard sun shining on the pool, a lady that is totally pretty and a pervert like Terry, the fucking scene is a must. The brunette chick lets Terry put the cream on her back, and as they go, the temperature gets even hotter Ė I refer to the body temperature. And once that her pussy is undressed and Terry can see it is wet, you can imagine all of the rest, I am sure. They crazily fuck and donít miss a single position, things you might have never seen before. The chick is trying to come, until Terry cannot wait anymore and comes in her beautiful face. A nice way of putting cream on the back, donít you think so?

  • Length : 27:57 min
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  • Date : 12-05-2012
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  • Amadea Emily