Unmistakale threesome

Terry is reading a book outside, sitting on a bench, when Bettina appears to talk to him. He says, he will be joining her, as soon as he has read a few pages. And he also reveals a secret, that he likes them blond, yes, blond babes. And as if God may have listenend to his words, all out of a sudden a blond chick appears sitting next to him on the bench! Magic? A trick? Who knows? Terry is surprised and happy. Now he can show to Bettina his passion for blond babes. He touches her and gives he a few slaps on the ass. But he won't be forgetting Bettina and invites her to touch that real flesh that came from Nowhere's Land! Bettina must admit that she likes that and starts shaking Terry's dick, so that they can have a nice time together. Things become hot and hotter and a nice threesome begins. None forgets about the other parties, and they have great fun together. Man with girl, girl with girl, too! Don't miss this very sexy outdoor scene with three great actors!

  • Length : 26:52 min
  • Views : 62244
  • Date : 23-10-2011
In this video :
  • Angelica Castro
  • Bettina Kox