Brutal Fucked and assfucked in the jungle

Tonight my friend you gonna watch a very savage action. It takes place in a jungle, close to a Rio, and a guy and a girl gonna have sex as savagly as it can be. They kind of fight, as if one wanted to dominate the other. She first wants to impress him by a deep blowjob but he catch her head and put his cock fare into her mouth...and of course she almost vomits... so he lays her and begin to fuck her in the pussy, then goes straigh on into her asshole ad she loves that !!! Nasty bitch, she prefers to be asfucked... so he gets in, again and again... and after a good sex partie, he cums on her face. Very hard sex as I love to see !!

  • Length : 22:59 min
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  • Date : 06-08-2008
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  • Halana K