Nasty cop arrests a guy to fuck him and ends with her club in the ass

A large displacement, a beautiful avenue lined with palm trees and a small burst of speed... the high life what!! Except that a slutty cop stops us and starts yelling at us because we're going too fast, because we have the music on...etc. And this bitch gives us a ticket!!! We don't agree, my friend comes out of the box to make him understand that it's not going to happen like that but this female dog hands him handcuffs before he even had time to say anything. She even hits him with a truncheon, this horny one! My buddy gets out and this slut chases him to the beach! And when they both get there the cop lays him down and starts rubbing her pussy against him... In fact she wanted a dick and she stopped us to get fucked... So my pissed off buddy gave him plenty of shit and I filmed it all! He stuffed her like a female dog and put his cock deep in her ass. He even put his truncheon on this big slut!!! And it makes her come like a big female dog!!! I loved it and my buddy even more!! So watch this scene and you'll never look at cops in skirts the same way again! Full HD!!

  • Length : 26:42 min
  • Views : 43761
  • Date : 15-04-2017
  • Membre vidéo : 4k format
In this video :
  • Cristal Cherry
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