Bigtits brunette is squirting when she has a cock in the ass

Tonight my friend a scene in perfect logic with this hot summer which allows us to see wonderfull bodies sunbathing in the parks of the biggest cities. A pretty brunette with huge tits is laying here, smocking.. but as soon as she throws away her butt, the keeper calls her out and wants to give her a fine "Oh no mister.... please... I'm sure there is another solution !?" And without a second of hesitation, he says "yep ! in exchange of a blowjob, I can forget what I have seen" So she sucks him,and very well !! Very DEEEEEEEPP !!! They are both fucking excited by that deepthroat, so when the guys puts his cock in her pussy, she is completly ok ! She even offers her ass ! And when the guy fucks her ass, she squirts !! A spritz by cock punch !!! So he ends her like that and finish himself with a great squirt of cum on her nice little face... Such a nice flower needs to be sprinkled with such heat...

  • Length : 31:22 min
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  • Date : 29-06-2008
  • Membre vidéo : 4k format
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